Solatorobo will use DSi Camera

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 ·

According to Japanese retailer Game Star, the newest game from Cyberconnect2 Solatorobo: And Then To Coda will make use of the Nintendo DSi's camera. It doesn;t really say how the camera will be put in to play, but expect to take pictures and use it in the game. It is good to note though that Solatorobo does not require a DSi.

Formerly know as Solarobo, Solatorobo: And Then To Coda is an action RPG game featuring cats and dogs controliing robots. It is also somewhat a sequel to Tail Concerto. The game has a multiplayer mode via Download Play of  upto four players.

Here's the newest video of Solatorobo: And Then To Coda.


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