More Dragon Quest! Dragon Quest Wars for DSi

Sunday, May 31, 2009 · 0 comments

If you're not satisfied yet with the barrage of Dragon Quest games (both available and upcoming) for the DS and DSi, then meet Dragon Quest Wars. This strategy game is brought to us by none other than Square Enix features online play and is available for DSiWare download for only 500 points.

Dragon Quest Wars looks and plays like a board game featuring Dragon Quest characters. Up to four players can battle it out, forming their own team of four Dragon Quest monsters. There's nothing to worry in terms of gameplay, since the game is being developed by Intelligent Systems, the guys who made the Advance Wars and Fire Emblem series. It will be out in Japan this month.

Ghostwire: Ghost Hunting via DSi

Monday, May 25, 2009 · 0 comments

Ghostwire is an adventure title for the Nintendo DSi where the players hunt for wayward spirits and figure out why they still linger in the realm of the living. Pretty basic horror game, you say? Not quite so. You see, Ghostwire makes full use of the DSi's features, especially the DSi camera.

Instead of your traditional cemetery, or haunted house, the game is set in YOUR surroundings. You pan the DSi around you to hunt for said ghosts, as seen from the screenshot above. Creepy? You bet. I'm still not sure I want to play this game inside my room!

In any case, Ghostwire is a game that I've been waiting for simply because I want to see more games that use the DSi's camera.

Animal Crossing Goodies on DSiWare!

Saturday, May 16, 2009 · 0 comments

If you're anything near like me, you'll love yourself a lot of Animal Crossing! Heck, I played Animal Crossing Wild World a year and a half straight before I (almost) got over it. I'm still playing it now from time to time, just to pull weeds :)

Anyways, Animal Crossing fans will be delighted to hear DSiWare's offerings of Animal Crossing goodness, namely:

Animal Crossing Calculator (200 Nintendo DSi Points) - Do your math with Animal Crossing background.

Animal Crossing Clock (200 Nintendo DSi Points) - A regular clock pimped-out with Animal Crossing characters.

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