Nyko Zoom Case for the DSi

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 · 0 comments

One of the main features of the Nintendo DSi when it was released was the addition of two cameras. Although it wasn't its strongest point, its a great addition that (we hope) will prove useful for future apps and games. And it looks like Nyko is foreseeing that future too. Just recently they introduced the Zoom Case.

In a nutshell its a DSi case with a camera lens. An 8x zoom camera lens. I kid you not. If you're one of those whiners about how crappy the DSi camera is, then I would kindly point you to this product. The lens is detachable, of course, and the case is not kidding around either. What's more, it does not require batteries.

Nintendo Announces DSi LL / DSi XL

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Just a couple of days after rumors of a new and bigger DSi hit the web, Nintendo finally confirmed and announced the successor of the barely year-old Nintendo DSi. Dubbed as Nintendo DSi LL in Japan and Nintendo DSi XL in Europe and America, it will sport much bigger screens and more battery life among others.

The DSi LL / XL will be released in Japan on Nov 21 and will be expected on America and Europe in Q1 2010. Basically its features are the same as the current DSi but will feature a much larger body and screen as mentioned earlier.

Where the DSi's screens are 3.25 inches across, the new DSi LL / XL are 4.2 inches. There are no announcements as of yet whether the screen resolution will be improved.

Three DSi LL / XL colors will be available upon launch: Wine Red, Natural White, and Dark Brown. Based on Nintendo's track record, expect a lot more color variations to be available in the near future.

The battery life of the DSi LL / XL is supposed to be improved as well. Compared to Nintendo DSi's 9-14 hours on the lowest bright setting, the LL / XL can last upto 13-17 hours. The power adapter of the old DSi will fit the LL / XL.

As for the games, the Nintendo DSi LL/ XL can play old DS cartridges and DSi exclusive games. Also one can download and play DSiWare as well. Sadly, GBA cartridges are still shunned by this new DSi.

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