Kittens, Scrabble, and More Sudoku on DSiWare

Tuesday, July 27, 2010 ·

Hey kids, here are some awesome games available on DSiWare that you might want to check out. Hospital Havoc seems like a worthy download but if you're a thinking guy like us more Sudoku won't hurt :)

  • Petz Kittens (800 DSi Points) - Adopt kitties, play with thm, and watch them grow to be a well-mannered cat. Bunch of mini-games too.
  • Scrabble Tools (500 DSi Points) - Improve your vocabulary with this take on the classic game of Scrabble.
  • Hospital Havoc (500 DSi Points) - Serve medicine to hordes of patients in this Diner Dash-style game.
  • Happy Birthday Mart (500 DSi Points) - Ever wonder what it's like to run a gift shope for animals? Wonder no more.
  • Crazy Sudoku (200 DSi Points) - OMG another sudoku game!! Seriously, it's another sudoku game.


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