Want Free DSi Games? Enter DSiCade

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 ·

If in case you need MORE games for your DSi (or any Nintendo DS for that matter), then point your DSi Browsers to http://www.dsicade.com/ for some good old casual gaming. 

DSiCade is not much at to look at for now, but I see potential in there. There are two games available as of this post, namely Touch Mii and War Games.

Touch Mii is a simon-says-like game where you just follow the pattern the AI has set.

War Games on the other hand is a Missile Command clone.

Also, there an extra awesome chat feature called SHOUTBOX! where you can converse with other DSi owners around the globe.

As mentioned earlier, DSiCade has a great future. Can't wait to see more games from them soon!


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